Who is Radhika?

Radhika, being an amazing Yoga Guru and a very talented Singer has always been deeply connected and passionate about the nature and its magical secrets to human kind. Her authentic Yoga and natural and non toxic skin care products have been her many years of experience and understanding of its need to every human skin as the best ever skin health products for an amazingly healthy looking great skin and healthy body. 

Practicing Yoga has been her daily routine she believes in sharing her skills and experience to others to acquire all the miracles of Yoga. This has enhanced her personally and built her natural love for helping others in a charming and positive manner. She is well recognized for her ability to conduct warm and inviting Yoga classes that foster an invigorating, mind-body & soul-centering calming environment.

Her favourite pose is Shirshasana – All time favourite as it stimulates the main glands which are directly related to the blood circulation energizing and preparing the body for other Asanas. All spine twists & back bends (most beautiful stretches) as they help in spinal flexibility, open chest & shoulders, activates abdominal organs and stimulates digestion & metabolism.

Radhika's accreditation and experience

Radhika,  with over 500 hours accredition as Yoga teacher has been involved in Yoga since a very young age and has been professionally teaching Yoga for  years across India and Australia. Her extensive experience and training in Yoga have led her to create her own style of modalities assisting various health conditions. Radhika’s Yoga classes are for a purpose with a focus on an absolute fitness of Body,Mind and achieving Optimum results across the spectrum of Well-Being.

Radhika Rao has 15 years of experience as a Yoga teacher and is certified under the Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham (registered with the Yoga Alliance). Radhika has been practicing Yoga from a very young age under the guidance of brilliant teachers. She concentrates on the Hatha yoga and believes that this style is the foundation of every form of yoga which concentrates on the alignment and strengthening of the body through stretches, inner peace of mind and soul (thus rejuvenating the whole body).

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What we do.

Radhika Rao Has always been the embodiment of Patience,Love & Perserverance and lives that everyday through Radhika Living with Yoga.

Radhika Living With Yoga shares the Hatha Yoga tradition by using its power and techniques in providing natural fitness and inner wellness. This allows one to develop a naturally fit body both physically and mentally.

Hatha Yoga is the fundamental foundation of all Yoga. It incorporates Asanas (postures), Pranayama (regulated breathing), Dhyana (meditation) & Kundalini (awakening of energy at the base) into a complete system that can be used to achieve enlightenment and self-realization.

This Yoga style taught by Radhika is the most natural and effective, inclusive of warm-ups, body alignment, correct body postures (helping to strengthen the bones & muscles), breathing techniques, Meditation to calm the mind & relax the total self. This helps everyone from Children, to Adults, to Seniors giving them Joy, Inner Peace and Happiness.



Why choose us?

Radhika’s immense experience has developed a great understanding of a body’s mental and physical functioning and how to incorporate Yoga in its healing and enlightment.

Being an accomplished singer and creative, she easily develops different ideas, styles and postures to make students realize the importance of their body, its freedom and the right to be self expressed. She feels the greatest reward you get from Yoga, besides all other qualities is a complete transformation of oneself to becoming a beautiful person within.

Her passion and devotion towards making a difference to Mankind always leads her towards inspiring and training oneself to Master the art of sculpting your body naturally & beautifully, Unlock miraculous health through uniting your body,mind & soul , Seek enlightenment through the ancient principles of hatha yoga.

Radhika has keen senses, immense patience and the ability to empathize and connect with people of varying abilities and different ethnic backgrounds. Radhika has been actively involved in Yoga for the past 21 years and has spent 15 years teaching Yoga in India and Australia.

Classes and pricing

  • Casual Visits – $20
  • 1 month pack ( 4 classes) – $ 80
  • 3 month pack (12 classes) (discount price) – $180 ( save $60)
  • 6 month pack (24 classes) (discount price) – $360 (save $120)
  • Private/Semi private classes available . Check more about it by calling at TLC Health and Fitness